GetGest is a supplementary firm name to Vacation Donation Inc.

We provide an online service that brings together entrepreneurs and customers when booking products and services in the travel industry. The service includes a widget that facilitates booking of products and services via third-party websites and social media.

The service gives Partner access to an individualized platform for Partner to offer its products and services directly to Customers through our partnership with D1 Technology travel plan widget solution, desti.one.


This is how GetGest.com works

  • With our partner desti.one travel planner you will reach out to customers in new sales channels through a very sophisticated embedded e – commerce widget.
  • We convert travel plans by integrating multiple booking systems for transport, accommodation and activities to direct bookings. The unique setup empowers you as a product owner and strengthens your relationship with the customer when the booking is done directly with you, with no middle man!
  • GetGest does not fall under the Package & Travel law as each booking and payment is made separately and directly to you. GetGest does not save customer data, Instead it is you that receive all data directly from your guest at the time of booking.

Can I contact my guest directly?

Yes. As the booking is made directly with your company, you will have all guest contact information.

Is there a commission fee to GetGest?

We charge significantly lower commission than booking companies and OTAs. The fee is subject to the destination or publishing partner.

Payments via Stripe

All payments are made through our payment partner Stripe. The transaction fee will be deducted directly through Stripe according to Stripe ToC. Pricing & fees | Stripe (GetGest.com is not involved in the transaction.) For support regarding payment issues please contact Stripe support. Stripe: Hjälp och support

How will I receive payment for my bookings?

Each payment is made directly to you as product owner. You manage all your payouts directly through your Stripe account.

How do I manage my booking and payment conditions?

The booking and payment terms you use will be set up during onboarding. In case you need to change them, it can easily be updated in Stripe account and our admin.

Managing payments, cancellations and changes

  • In the case you guests need to change or cancel their booking, this will be handled directly by you. As product owner with us you’re in control of your customer data. Contact details and instructions to the guest are included in the booking confirmation sent to the guest at point of booking. You manage your contact details through the administration account at GetGest.com
  • Chargebacks will be handled through your Stripe account according to your terms and paid commission to GetGest will be refunded.

How do I manage my content?

GestGest integrates with connections directly with your booking system and/or CM. Through this direct access, we will always display the same information that is entered in your booking system and/ or CM.

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